Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Patrick Ferrucci on She & Him

"Zooey Deschanel … teamed with indie singer/songwriter M. Ward, thus forming She & Him. Although Ward produces both 'Volume One' and this new 'Volume Two,' the originals on both were written solely by the actress. And what’s clearly evident after listening to either record is that Deschanel is just as talented musically as she is as an actress. 'Volume Two' is a piece of pure pop bliss, a retro record filled with 13 sunny songs that show an affinity for Laura Nyro, the Brill Building, late-era Brian Wilson, The Ronettes and Harry Nilsson, though none of those comparisons really does the music of She & Him justice. … While the actress’ vocal limitations that popped up on 'Volume One' still exist, on this sophomore effort Deschanel and Ward do a much better job hiding them. The actress sounds more comfortable letting loose, and, as you’d expect, the harmonies from Ward are impeccable and work brilliantly with Deschanel’s voice. These are better songs, performed better and presented better. … This is the kind of band indie hipsters and Baby Boomers can both enjoy, the kind of album that’s simply pleasing. And cute. But not in a cloying way. Yet really cute" ("Album Reviews," New Haven Register, 3/26/10).


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