Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Yellowcard: Ocean Avenue Acoustic

"It’s been ten years since the release of Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue, arguably one of the most well known pop-punk albums of the 2000′s. It also marked a huge turning point for the band. Though only their sophomore effort, it catapulted Yellowcard into the mainstream and around the world. For the album’s anniversary, Yellowcard revisited Ocean Avenue and reworked the entire thing acoustically. The band plays the Oakdale this Sunday, Sept. 8, to perform the new rendition in its entirety. In advance of the show, frontman Ryan Key responded to a few questions via email looking back on the album and talking about what’s next for Yellowcard. Take us back to when 'Ocean Avenue' was written. What was the process and how did it flow? What influenced the album? Key: The core of the music was written in Lake Arrowhead, CA. Our guitarist at the time had a family vacation home there. We had been on tour for two years straight so we retreated to the mountains to clear our heads and start writing. We then brought what we had to Neal Avron, our producer. It was our first time working with Neal and man did we have a lot to learn ..." (Nick Caito, "Yellowcard's Ryan Key Looks Back on 10 Years of 'Ocean Avenue,'" Sound Check, 9/5/13).

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