Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Teenage Fanclub: Songs from Northern Britain

"[Nick Hornby:] What I love more than anything about Teenage Fanclub is just tunes. I don't think there are many other bands that have a back catalogue like that. I don't like very much British music, so it's nice for me to have something British that's roughly contemporary. It tends to be Scottish groups that I like rather than English ones. People say they're a direct Byrds ripoff, but I'm not that keen on the Byrds and I'm much keener on the Fanclub. I've got that Byrds box set and it's very hard to make your way through that. I suppose what I also love about Teenage Fanclub is an optimism and a lack of cynicism. You get ground down after a while by the dark stuff. I've got a homemade Fanclub tape in the car that gets an awful bashing. And Songs from Northern Britain is a desert island album for me'" (Barney Hoskyns, "Nick Hornby's Favourite Music -- A Classic Interview from the Vaults," Guardian, 7/10/13, originally published 2002).

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