Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Destiny's Child: Love Songs

"Destiny's Child's Super Bowl performance was something of an open secret. Though Michelle Williams denied that it was happening, there was just too much evidence to the contrary: Williams herself was not busy on Sunday, Beyonce refused to deny a DC3 reunion was planned and the group released a single and album of old material on the preceding Tuesday. So when Beyonce was joined by Williams and Kelly Rowland during the halftime show, there was hardly any reason for shock -- except, perhaps, at the brevity of the reunion. The trio worked through 'Bootylicious' and 'Independent Woman' before singing Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' with her. And that was it: They did not perform 'Nuclear,' their latest, Pharrell Williams-produced song. ... Sunday's performance marked [the] group's first live show since 2006, when they performed at the NBA All-Star game. The group split up in 2005 and each of the three members worked on solo projects, to painfully obvious varying levels of success. But will Destiny's Child's reunion be but a blink in the eye of Beyonce's career?" ("Destiny's Child Super Bowl Performance," Huffington Post, 2/3/13).

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