Monday, December 03, 2012

Norah Jones: Little Broken Hearts

"An invitation in 2010 to work on 'Rome,' an album inspired by soundtracks of spaghetti Westerns, brought Jones together with the musician Danger Mouse (Brian Burton), who ended up producing 'Little Broken Hearts.' ... On 'Hearts,' Burton and Jones played and wrote all the music together, swapping instruments, and then later filled in some of the songs with other musicians. It’s no more musically abrasive than any of her other albums—it’s just smarter, and Jones sounds angry. There was a breakup, and another woman. In fact, if your name is Miriam, Jones has some harsh words for you. ... 'Good Morning' sets up a theme and a sound—someone strums an acoustic guitar lazily, a keyboard chimes in the background, and cellos eventually round out the song. Jones sings, 'Good morning, my thoughts on leaving are back on the table, I thought you should know.' Moments later, the conditional becomes final: 'I’m folding my hand.' She’s a champion of breath control; on all her albums, she has placed her quiet vocals prominently in the mix. Burton understands, and as a producer he doesn’t deviate from this part of Jones’s aesthetic. ... It took a breakup to rattle Jones—and the selfish listener thanks the rake who caused it" (Sasha Frere-Jones, "Pop Music," New Yorker, 6/25/12, p. 76).

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