Monday, November 19, 2012

Chico Hamilton: Revelation

"Chico's work is timeless. Part of the appeal lay in the fact that unlike some of the other great musicians/composers, he need not quote himself as point of reference to bring the audience along on his journey. Every album and performance has been part of the odyssey shared by both artist and audience, who always remain fully engaged; which is one of the keys to his continuing (artistic) vitality. For long time admirers of his work, these latest sessions, done to celebrate Chico's 90th birthday are akin to the familiar voice of an old friend who still has an abundance of interesting things to say. Here once again Chico records with his long time sextet Euphoria. As always, they do more than merely provide support, sharing some of the writing duties and creating the always compelling interplay which reiterates the extent that this ensemble, while having a definite leader in Chico, is also somewhat of an extended family and like all family are to be present at important birthday parties" (CD notes by Maxwell Chandler).

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