Friday, September 07, 2012

Risky Business: Film Soundtrack

"Lush foreboding and a restless pulse run through the music of Tangerine Dream, the synthesizer-centered German group that played its first New York City concert since 1992 at the Best Buy Theater on Saturday night. Tangerine Dream — formed in 1967 and led since 1988 by its lone remaining original member, Edgar Froese — hasn’t been silent during those 20 years. It has released a deluge of music: three new studio albums in 2011 alone, along with a number of EPs, compilations and live recordings. It certainly had plenty of material to draw on for its three hours of music on Saturday night. Tangerine Dream is best known for its many movie soundtracks, particularly 1980s pieces like 'Love on a Real Train,' used in 'Risky Business.' The group’s music has changed from the rhapsodic, slowly evolving, sometimes noisy pieces it recorded in the 1960s and ’70s to more straightforward, concise compositions. Tangerine Dream thoroughly mastered two crucial soundtrack functions: making melodies that are present but don’t dominate the image, and treating music as a pacemaker, ticking off the underlying tempo of a scene while subdividing it to raise suspense" (Jon Pareles, "Synthesizers and Drum Machines, Sure, but With a Touch of the Human," New York Times, 7/9/12).

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