Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Shelby Lynne: Revelation Road

"As I immersed myself in the new album, Revelation Road, I felt I'd been listening to these songs my whole life. They were familiar in the very best way. On Revelation Road, Shelby played all the instruments and recorded the album by herself. The songs tackle the open secret of Shelby's life. When Shelby was 17, her father shot and killed her mother and then himself. ... 'As far as my story goes, I've spent since I was 18 years-old trying to keep it from being the focus of my life and knowing that I wanted to make music and had to make music. It's been difficult to let that be kind of like the hidden secret. It hasn't been a secret, it's just something I haven't wanted to go into detail and talk about. That's never who I wanted to be identified as. So I always concentrated that much more on the music and always tried to make the music the focus. ... But with this album, I wrote songs dealing with the matter for the first time really. ...' The simple honesty that comes through in Shelby's voice and in the lyrics works incredibly well in a song like I'll Hold Your Head. There's vulnerability in the work, but you also get the sense that Shelby doesn't shy away from things" (Deborah Stambler, "Shelby Lynne: On Vulnerability and Not Flinching," Huffington Post, 3/20/12).

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