Monday, April 02, 2012

Javier Colon: Come Through For You

"'Come Through For You' ... happens to be the title track of Colon's new album. It's also a recurring theme in songs about battling adversity, whether it's romantic, the usual workaday frustrations or even a dire medical prognosis. Perseverance is an appropriate motif, given Colon's own persistence: He found himself with no takers and dwindling prospects when Capitol dropped him a few years ago after he released a pair of albums that failed to ignite. 'The Voice' has changed all that, of course, but Colon's previous experience — as a singer and in the music business — gives his first post-reality TV album greater depth than the usual dross that comes out of televised singing competitions. Not only does Colon sound invested in these songs — the result, surely, of having actually written them, which is another change from the pre-fabricated 'American Idol' model — he sounds thrilled to be singing them. He does it well, in a smooth, expressive voice that lets his earnest, winsome personality shows through over a light reggae backbeat on opener 'Life is Getting Better' and the bubbly duet 'As Long As We Got Love,' featuring Natasha Bedingfield. ... Even the sadder songs have a thankful air about them. The subject on the wrenching ballad 'OK, Here's the Truth' does what she does to spare her partner from worrying" (Eric R. Danton, "Javier Colon Makes the Most of Second Chance on New CD," Hartford Courant, 11/22/11).

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