Saturday, March 24, 2012

Etta James: The Dreamer

"On her last album 'The Dreamer,' released just three months before her death, Etta James sings a mix of covers, from the R&B classic 'Misty Blue' to the Ray Charles song 'In the Evening.' But perhaps the most curious tune included on the disc may be the Guns N' Roses staple 'Welcome to the Jungle.' That a 73-year-old icon of R&B would tackle the frenetic rock song – albeit in a pace more fitting her blues roots – might seem odd. But the song may be the best representation of James as both a singer and a person – rambunctious in spirit, with the ability to sing whatever was thrown at her, whether it was jazz, blues, pining R&B or a song from one of the rowdiest bands in rock" (Nekesa Mumbi Moody, "Etta James," Huffington Post, 1/21/12).

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