Friday, January 20, 2012

Oneohtrix Point Never: Replica

"There's loopy, ambient minimalism aplenty in Brooklyn-based experimental musician Daniel Lopatin's latest offering, but there are also surprising nugs of humor, like the beginning of 'Nassau,' where an insignificant, fifth-pitched vocal sample gets twisted into a motive, surrounded by burbling rhythms and passable piano doodles. Lopatin's modus operandi involves re-purposing snippets of TV ads, bathing them in Juno-60 washes, acoustic samples and reverb plates, and letting the whole affair loose as a sink-or-swim kind of deal. Each of the 10, often formless, tracks of dance-less electronica free-flows into the next, a George Winston/Animal Collective jam session with Teo Macero producing. Some float by, unnoticed. Close, repeated listenings reward the patient" (Michael Hamad, "CD of the Week," New Haven Advocate, 12/1/11).
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