Thursday, August 25, 2011

David Weiss & Point of Departure: Snuck Out

"David Weiss has drawn sustenance from ... the postbop vanguard. ... Point of Departure consists of Mr. Weiss and the industrious tenor saxophonist J.D. Allen, along with a flexible young rhythm section: Nir Felder on guitar, Matt Clohesy on bass and Jamire Williams on drums. The band functions at the higher levels of postbop slipperiness, staying away from too-obvious material: two of the five pieces on 'Snuck Out' are [Charles] Moore’s, from the unjustly obscure Kenny Cox album 'Multidirection,' released on Blue Note in 1969. The band — in particular, the rhythm section — addresses this music with an air of feverish discovery, and only the most permissive sort of reverence. 'Gravity Point,' by Mr. Moore, spins out from a tightly dissonant horn line into swirling improvisation; 'Paraphernalia,' by Wayne Shorter, stretches even further. Mr. Felder leads the best of these digressions, and like his teammates he sounds thrillingly unrestricted" (Nate Chinen, "New CDs by David Weiss and Lloyd," New York Times, 7/12/11).
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