Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Phoenix: Bankrupt!

"For a French band making its first big splash in the U.S., had a great 2009: Its fourth full-length, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, spawned two big singles and picked up a Grammy for best alternative album. The band also earned a dubious reputation for being slow to record new music. Meticulous to the point of obsession, Phoenix labored over its follow-up album. Four years later, it's finally ready for eager ears. Billboard magazine wrote that the music on Phoenix's new album, Bankrupt! is 'overflowing with little nuances, even by Phoenix's audiophile standards.' NPR's Jacki Lyden spoke with vocalist Thomas Mars and guitarist Laurent Brancowitz. ... LAURENT BRANCOWITZ: We thought maybe it's time to make things that are a bit more elaborate — complicated, maybe — because we knew that we could write songs that would grow on people, at least for maybe three listens. We had this extra chance and it kind of slightly modified our way of thinking about this new record ..." ("Phoenix on Sounding Like Robots and Staying Restless," All Things Considered, 4/20/13).

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