Thursday, April 11, 2013

Atoms for Peace: Amok

"Last September ... [Nigel] Godrich and [Thom] Yorke performed Atoms for Peace material at MOMA PS1, in Queens. ... Godrich began 'Amok'’s opening track, 'Before Your Very Eyes,' and the crowd cheered at Yorke’s guitar line, a scratchy two-part figure that flutters down quickly, sounding both strummed and picked. ... For the next track, 'Ingenue,' Yorke stepped back and stood next to Godrich. ... The song is built from a weepy, descending bass line that is answered by a high figure, which plays a clump of small, hard sounds that are like both live instruments and computer-generated signals. Much of 'Amok' goes along these basic lines: a synthetic keyboard runs down the middle, flanked by a series of crackling drum sounds and minimal bass or guitar patterns. Very little of the record is cloudy or vague; Yorke does not lean heavily on multi-tracking his voice. 'Amok' is stripped down, all points and lines. Often, it sounds like a dance remix of a Thom Yorke song" (Sasha Frere-Jones, "Pop Music," New Yorker, 3/4/13).

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