Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Best of BeauSoleil

"Chris [Strachwitz] asked me if I would be interested in recording for him with BeauSoleil which then [1981] consisted of Errol Verret on accordion, my brother David on guitar, Billy Ware on triangle, and Robert Vigneaud on bass fiddle. All having day jobs back then, we would have big jam/dances on Fridays, play for weddings, and venture out of state for festivals. I called them up and asked if they could meet me in an hour to record an album for Chris. Of course they all thought I was teasing but they all arrived at the petite chapelle within the hour. At that time I was working for the Diocese of Lafayette in Communications and behind my office was a 1920s era chapel that we used for a television sound studio. It had amazing acoustics but unfortunately has since been torn down. Chris set up his portable Nagra tape recorder with two Neumann microphones, and the beginnings of the album 'Michael Doucet dit BeauSoleil' were recorded. No song list, no rehearsals, no time to get nervous, no overdubbing! and no fiddle! I didn't have enough time to go back home and get mine so I borrowed a friend's new French fiddle for the night" (CD notes by Michael Doucet).

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