Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kathleen Edwards: Voyageur

"The making of Voyageur (Rounder Records) was both productive and painful on a professional and personal level as she happily explored new ground, went through a divorce and took her creative partnership with [Justin] Vernon in a more intimate direction. ... Their working relationship proved to be an invaluable time together as Edwards tried to distance herself from a brand -- sorry Americana fans -- she doesn't find to be that inspiring. ... And with Vernon also playing guitars and other instruments while providing backing vocals on a record of 10 songs all written by Edwards, 'Everything he came up with was cool,' she said.  'And I was really open to whatever he wanted to try'" (Michael Bialas, "Fine Folks, Part I: Kathleen Edwards Keeps Moving On," Huffington Post, 8/9/12).

View catalog record here!


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