Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lucinda Williams: Blessed

"MR: ... Let's talk about 'Buttercup.' You're razzin' this guy who's a loser who, basically, took advantage of a situation and now wants back in. But it's more than that, you point out lyrically, 'You're like a little kid with bruises on his knees,' and it's almost like this guy is such a jerk because he just never grew up. LW: Yeah. That's very perceptive. ... I like to tell people it's the only bad boy quote unquote song on the new album, and I still have a little bit in my system, still had some stuff I had to get out. MR: Let's also talk about a couple of these other songs, like 'Born To Be Loved,' another really topical song, one of my favorites. LW: That's one of my favorite ones too. MR: Its message is beautiful: 'No, you weren't born to be a jerk you weren't born to be abused, you weren't born to be horrible. You were born to be loved.' LW: Yeah. And, for me, I wrote it with a more, you know, universal theme" (Mike Ragogna, "Blessed: A Conversation with Lucinda Williams," Huffington Post, 3/7/11).
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